Properly Doing Nothing

I’ve slept nice and long.
My cup of tea tastes strong.

The birds are singing a song.
All is going systematically well.

Not an important thing to tell.
No intricate philosophies to sell.

Watching the world go idly by.
Got nowhere to go, no-one to say hi.

I disturb nobody, not tied by a tie.
Busy businessmen tower up high.

Money pumping faster in life of lie.
A groan, a sigh, exhausted, I don’t try.

Taking it easy, not a slave to anxiety.
Not on a break, never started to be a bee.

Not a drone for the queen I never see.
Live life on my terms, simply being me.

Not artificially robotic, but naturally free.
Pluck the fruits of the unmoved tree.

Doing no-thing.
Being no-thing.
No-thing to do.
No-thing to be.
Nonthing doing no-thing.
Anything I do not.
I do not do anything.
Doing nothing is the thing to do.
Put non-action into action.

The Poem of Chöd

I offer my skull to the Lady of Prajnaparamita.
May it serve her well.
Sarva Mangalam.

As I look upon the suffering of the world tears of sadness fall from my face.
When each tear hits the ground it transforms into a lake of love.
In which I fall down and drown from hopelessness.
Trying to grasp, but nothing to hold onto.
Sinking to the bottomless.
Trying to scream, but no sound to hear to.
Then, in the open stillness…
A faint sparkle
Is this really the turtle?
The turtle of fearlessness?
As soon as I climb on its back.
The lake begins to swirl.
Swirling violently and wildly.
Waves forming like sharp blades.
Flaying off my skin, turning the lake various shades.
Of the dark red blood of love.
And the heavens above.
Are flashing lightning bolts and drumming with thunder.
The lake has insatiable hunger.
Our flesh and organs we offer.
For we have the courage to suffer.
Turtle and me left as bare skeletons.
A pile of pure white bones.
We roam the lake like 2 doves intimately in love.
Enjoying the quiet peace of Nirvana.
Enduring the bitter pain of Samsara.
Here it is, here it is,
can you see what this is?
The freedom that is,
Simply accepting life for what it is.


Finding Freedom

Every body of unimaginable past lives,
Every body of this unexplainable life,
Every body of measureless future lives,
They all bow down to The King Samantabhadra and The Queen Samantabhadri.
May every unique experience of the mindstream hold you close, be filled with passionate burning love for the sentient beings, and fulfill all their pure wishes.

Buddha Padmasambhava your wisdom is unobstructed, unmoved, soundless, fearless, and unstained.
Let this knowledge penetrate deeply into the minds of deluded beings.


Dharmakaya, you have revealed your peerless face,
  but your face has never;
    not even for a single moment been hidden from me!
Sambhogakaya, you have given a soft kiss,
  but your lips were never;
    not even for a single moment separated from mine!
Nirmanakaya, you have seated your vibrant sparkling body in mine heart,
  but your body has never,
    not even for a single moment left it!
Svabhavikakaya you are of one feeling, one taste, one sound, one odor, one vision, one continuum.

I am pure awareness and I will no longer disturb you, you are free to do whatever you want.

If you want to cry, I cry with you
If you want to laugh, I laugh with you.
If you want to scream, I scream with you.
If you want to move, I move with you.
If you want to rest, I rest with you.
If you want to be touched, I touch you
If you want to be tasted, I taste you.
If you want to be seen, I see you.
If you want to be heard, I speak to you.
If you want to be smelled, I smell you.

Let things come in their perfect completeness.
Let things be in their natural state of refined ease and finesse.
Lets things go on their own terms.


I am simple and humble, therefore I do not waste my time with complicated and elaborate practices, nor do I involve myself in intricate philosophies or reasonings.

I am the man of one motivation, one conduct, one practice, one view, one vow, and one nature.

My only motivation is unselfish loving kindness.
My only conduct is to be in the natural state, free of hope and fear.
My only practice is devotion to Tara, The Great Mother.
My only view is The Great Emptiness.
My only vow is to never be separated from the motivation, the conduct, the practice, and the view.
My only nature is mind being devoid of essence.


May all the countless beings, big and small; with form and without form, realize the creative and playful illusory magic show of all phenomena.
And thereby be released from all the sufferings.


Ode to the Queen of Nymphs, Mother of The Five Elemental Spirits

Your daughter of the sea is so deep, so deep.
Swallowed into her depths.
How far down will the currents of water take me?
The foamy waves landing on the soft beach,
are your white teeth delightfully laughing.

Your daughter of the sky is so vast, so vast.
Taken up into her heights.
How far up will the currents of air take me?
The winds blowing on birds feathers,
are the graceful movements of your pale body.

Your daughter of the earth is so expansive, so expansive.
Grounded here overlooking the sky and sea.
To what hills will her footprints lead me?
The earth unmoved with brave mountains,
are your brown eyes sensually locking onto mine.

Your daughter of the sun is so warm, so warm
Scorched by her blazing light over the earth, sky, and sea.
Neither her nor there, she illuminates me everywhere.
The flames of raging wild fires,
are your twisting garments of golden silk.

Your daughter of space is infinite and boundless.
Dissolved into the groundless.
Beyond the unknown: nowhere to go.
The dark space that embraces everything,
are your black hairs swinging playfully around you.

To be dancing with you, I am complete.
Inside your heart I will take my seat.
During the night I will behold your face,
that is a jewel like the radiant moon.
Water, air, earth, light, and space,
all needed to make your flower bloom.

A Honest Advice

Since forms are emptiness,
and tastes are emptiness,
and smells are emptiness,
and sounds are emptiness,
and shapes are emptiness,
and all experiences that arises in the awareness are great emptiness,
there is nothing to chase or grasp after.
Nor is there anything to run away from.
Simply watching these dreamlike experiences go by.
What difference is there (to the awareness) between pain or sadness and pleasure or hapiness?
Both being temporal states there is nothing special to behold.
With the view of emptiness whatever may happen is just that.
Should one cry from terrible depression, or laugh from ecstatic joy.
Merely noticing that,
one feels like being a passenger in a train watching the scenery pass by; moment by moment.
Cultivating this view together with a desire to benefit all sentient beings,
a strong feeling of universal love, and devotion for one’s own inner teacher;
which is nothing other than your own true radiant empty nature of mind.
Then whatever you do is meaningful and useful, even if at the time it may seem utterly useless.


As for myself I have never practised any Dharma, and if I did it most certainly was incorrect.
As such I am not any more different than the average people walking in the street,
nor any different from the ants walking under the stones.
I have no understanding of anything.
And thus I am incapable of saying any (correct) Dharma, and whatever may be correct in what I say
is merely repeating what the noble masters and Buddhas of the past have already expounded.
Should a good person recognize what is incorrect and correct, do not hesitate to discard like thrash
what needs to be rejected and accept that which has to be adopted.
In any case I am certain that as long as your unshakable love for all sentient beings grows stronger and stronger,
and your desire to benefit others increases more and more then you are in the right direction,
even tho you or other people may think that you have strayed away from the right path.
Of course it is important that compassion and benefiting others is rooted in non-violence.
And if one can not, or is incapable of helping others then one should at least not harm beings
which in itself is beneficial and contantly keep the aspiration to to be of some help to countless sentient beings.


Without any doubts the most important thing is to…
Never abandon love for sentient beings.
It is the light in your heart that you must carefully guard to never go out.


Al tough this may be different for others what is in my opinion quite important is to keep things clear, pure, and simple.
The more rituals one gets involved in the more it obscures the natural simplicity of reality.
But for some people the more rituals they do, the more their devotion and loving kindness increases.
So this should be checked on a personal basis.
In any case if you notice that your Dharma practice is becoming too complicated,
and as result of it you are finding obstacles.
Then do not be afraid of stepping back or missing out on anything.
Because if a ritual or activity is not making you connect more with infinite love for all the sentient beings,
then it is no longer skilful means, but a hindrance to your (long term) practice.
Not only practically, but in the view (of emptiness) should one remain simple as well.
Philosophizing about emptiness is nothing more than (often pretentiously false) speculation.
A million things have been said about emptiness, yet none of it was accurate.
That being said, if studying a lot stabilizes and makes sturdier the view of emptiness you have,
then that is what should be done.
If upon personal analysis of checking if you have the correct motivation and the right view, this does not seem to be the case
then whatever you read, study, or do no matter how profound, it will remain conceptual and of very little benefit.